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Four ways MATs use the Assurance Framework to work with other trusts

Trusts have started to use the framework to support conversations with other trusts in a number of different ways including:

  1. Use by two or three trusts working informally together to explore practice in each other’s trusts

  2. Use by an Action Learning Set to identify common strengths and challenges and work together to take forward priorities for improvement

  3. Use to support Peer Reviews between trusts to structure discussions

  4. Use in Trust-to-Trust mentoring to support conversations around growth

MATvista streamlines all aspect of trust-to-trust work and collaboration on quality assurance, self-evaluation, strategic planning and risk assessment. Contact us for more information - or book a demonstration to see it in action.

We've found the best way to discuss MATvista is using Zoom, Teams or GoogleMeet. We can talk about your requirements and we’ll share our screen to show you how it's tailored to your trust.

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