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Trust-to-Trust mentoring conversations around supporting growth using the MAT Assurance Framework

Through the Trust-to-Trust Development Programme, the DfE is using the framework to support the strategic development of trusts with the potential to contribute more to the system. The purpose of this programme is to foster the exchange of evidence-based approaches for school improvement, trust development, and sustainable MAT growth.

A mentoring relationship between a mentor and mentee trust involves trusts using the MAT Assurance framework for reviewing their current capacity and using the framework for identifying their development needs to support future growth. Frameworks enable trusts and planners to work together to support strategic development while taking into account other issues trusts may want to address, such as finance.

Trusts should use the framework as a starting point for their conversations, but should go beyond the framework when necessary; ultimately, mentoring discussions should focus on aspects relevant to strategic development. As part of the initial diagnostic meeting between trusts, the framework will be used to identify current strengths and areas for improvement, and the mentee trust will then create a development plan based on the six headings of the framework with support from the mentor trust. Following this, the mentor trust will provide support around the priorities identified in the plan. At the end of the process, medium-term priorities for development will be identified.

The philosophy behind MATvista is based on the concept of coaching and mentoring. This combined with the rigor of the MAT assurance framework makes for a perfect solution for trust-to-trust development. Feel free to sign up for a free trial if you would like to try the tool. Alternatively, we would love to show you how it works through an online demo.


We've found the best way to discuss MATvista is using Zoom, Teams or GoogleMeet. We can talk about your requirements and we’ll share our screen to show you how it's tailored to your trust.

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