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Using the MAT Assurance Framework in an Action Learning Set

In the last three years, the framework has been used in formal action learning sets (each set with a small number of trusts, typically five to eight) in the South West, and Lancashire and West Yorkshire regions. The trusts have worked together over a sustained period of time, using the framework to identify the priorities they hope to explore together, and to identify the questions to explore, guide discussions, or structure learning between trusts.

Some learning sets have used the entire framework to guide their work, while others have chosen to focus on particular elements for a period of time. Typically, the learning set has started with trusts using the framework to analyze their strengths and challenges and then sharing the results with one another.

Using the framework, they identified common development priorities that they wanted to work on together or areas of strength in one trust that others could take advantage of. A number of learning sets have involved trusts visiting each other and sharing their learning and resources on an ongoing basis, including establishing online portals to share materials. Another example is when they have identified a common priority such as curriculum development and gathered staff at different levels and used the framework to evaluate their progress over time.

Some learning sets are using the framework more regularly for review and improvement planning. A further review would be conducted against the whole framework or specific elements to compare how their ratings have changed since the last self-review. By doing so, they would be able to identify more priorities and areas for improvement that they can build into their own planning and incorporate into their action learning sets with other trusts.

Matvista is one of the most effective ways to establish an action learning set using the MAT Assurance Framework. For more information about how we can help you and your group of trusts, please contact us, or book a demo with a member of our team.


We've found the best way to discuss MATvista is using Zoom, Teams or GoogleMeet. We can talk about your requirements and we’ll share our screen to show you how it's tailored to your trust.

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