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Using the framework as part of The Mersey City Region learning set

We are a group of five MATs who have used the framework to guide our work as an action learning set. Each of the MATs completed it individually first, then identified areas of strength that they thought others might be able to learn from. As a learning set we have organised visits to each other to share an area of practice that other trusts might be interested in learning more about. The CEO plus other relevant staff have joined these visits. As a group the learning set keeps coming back to specific elements and questions and share what they are doing. It has already had some positive benefits in bringing together teachers across different MATs within the group to work on primary and secondary curriculum development together, for example.

As the MAT CEO leading the learning set said about the framework, ‘We’ve used it as a diagnostic tool, as it was intended as a guide to identifying priorities for improvement’. In terms of advice to other MATs about how to use the framework, the CEO said ‘there are things in there that are relevant to MATs at all stages of development’ and ‘we see it as a take it or leave it approach – it’s for you as a MAT to judge which bits are most relevant or most important to you’.

This case study was taken from the guidance on the MAT Assurance Framework.

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