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How to use the MAT Assurance Framework to facilitate discussions within your trust

This framework can be used for discussions with your senior team, senior and middle leaders, and/or trustees. It can be a separate discussion or a workshop with representatives of several groups. The framework can be reviewed in one session or different elements can be reviewed separately. Participants can prepare their thoughts and evidence by circulating the framework questions and descriptions in advance.

On a four-point scale, rate your trust against each element: red (weak capacity), amber-red, amber-green, green (strong capacity). For the amber-red and amber-green ratings, descriptions are intentionally omitted. Think about which end of the scale your trust is closer to, and choose the appropriate rating if it does not match the red or green descriptions.

Record your ratings, along with the rationale and evidence for each judgment. In some trusts, simple spreadsheets are used to capture scores so that they can compare scores from different groups. You might also consider creating a 'heat map' - a single page that shows the RAG ratings for each element.

Focus group conversations have also been used by some trust leaders to assess the accuracy of the ratings resulting from the self-review.

The self-assessment process can be supported by an external facilitator who provides some independent challenge. It would also be possible to conduct the review with another trust, so that there is an element of peer challenge to your own ratings.

MATvista is the most streamline way to facilitate discussions within your trust. Request a demonstration to see how it works.

We've found the best way to discuss MATvista is using Zoom, Teams or GoogleMeet. We can talk about your requirements and we’ll share our screen to show you how it's tailored to your trust.

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