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Robust Quality Assurance in Multi-Academy Trusts with MATvista.

Quality assurance is a critical component of any education system. For Multi-Academy Trusts, the stakes are even higher given their scale, scope, and the multitude of students they serve. Ensuring high standards across all academies and maintaining a consistent approach to education can be challenging. But, with effective QA mechanisms, MATs can ensure they deliver excellent educational experiences consistently.

Quality Assurance in Multi-Academy Trusts

In the context of MATs, QA entails a systematic review of educational services and processes to ensure that acceptable standards are maintained across all academies. It involves continuous monitoring, evaluation, and the implementation of improvements where necessary.

The core objectives of QA in MATs include:

  • Ensuring consistency in the delivery of education across the trust.

  • Identifying areas of excellence and areas needing improvement.

  • Providing insights to inform strategic and operational planning.

  • Encouraging a culture of continuous self-improvement and shared learning across the trust.

However, standard QA processes can sometimes be time-consuming, complex, and lacking in transparency. Thus, there's a need for a streamlined, intuitive tool that simplifies and adds depth to the QA process for MATs. This is where MATvista comes in.

Introducing MATvista – A Powerful Tool for MAT Leaders

MATvista is a unique tool inspired by the proven iAbacus model, designed specifically for MAT leaders. It simplifies vital leadership tasks such as quality assurance, risk management, strategic planning, and self-evaluation.

The tool utilises the innovative Abacus process to facilitate robust QA. It offers a panoramic view of operational effectiveness across the trust, enabling leaders to zoom in on specific areas as needed. Its visual and intuitive interface promotes clarity and transparency in evaluations. This creates a comprehensive picture of the trust's strengths, areas of improvement, and progress over time.

The Abacus Process: Robust, Reliable and Results-Driven

The Abacus process offers an intuitive and structured process for self-evaluation and strategic planning. Here are the steps that make this process robust:

  1. Making a Judgement: The process starts with an assessment of current performance against set benchmarks. This forms the basis for all subsequent steps.

  2. Verifying the Judgement: The initial judgement is cross-checked against agreed criteria, ensuring alignment with established standards.

  3. Providing Evidence: Evidence is provided to support the judgement, ensuring that the evaluation is grounded in factual data or events.

  4. Analysing Factors: Various factors influencing performance are identified and analysed. This encourages a deeper understanding of the situation and guides the formulation of a strategic plan.

  5. Planning for Success: Detailed action plans are then created to improve the current performance, based on the gathered insights.

  6. Implementation and Review: The plans are put into action, and progress is monitored over time, ensuring continuous improvement and adaptation.

The Benefits of MATvista for Multi-Academy Trusts

MATvista brings several key benefits to MATs:

  • Streamlined QA Process: The intuitive design and step-by-step process simplifies the QA process, saving time and improving efficiency.

  • Transparent Evaluations: MATvista provides transparency in evaluations, promoting accountability and confidence in the QA process.

  • Empowering Insights: The tool generates deep insights into trust performance, helping leaders make informed decisions about strategic and operational planning.

Promotes Continuous Improvement: With its cyclical process of evaluation and review, MATvista fosters a culture of continuous improvement across the trust.

Try MATvista for Free

Quality Assurance is critical for the success of Multi-Academy Trusts. With MATvista, MAT leaders can simplify and empower their QA processes to deliver consistent, high-quality education across all academies. Ready to see how MATvista can transform your QA process?


We've found the best way to discuss MATvista is using Zoom, Teams or GoogleMeet. We can talk about your requirements and we’ll share our screen to show you how it's tailored to your trust.

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