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MAT Risk Assessment and Mitigation Planning

Embrace the Power of Proactive Risk Management with MATvista. Masterfully assess, understand, and mitigate risks to ensure the ongoing success and resilience of your Multi-Academy Trust.


Evaluate potential risks comprehensively, using MATvista's intuitive tools to identify the possible threats that your Multi-Academy Trust might face.



Gain a deeper understanding of each identified risk. Dive into detailed insights and analyses facilitated by MATvista to gauge the potential impact on your trust.



Design effective risk mitigation strategies with MATvista, creating robust action plans that ensure your trust's preparedness and resilience in any situation.

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Transforming the Landscape of Risk Management in Multi-Academy Trusts

Risk Assessment in Multi-Academy Trusts

In the complex and dynamic environment of Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs), identifying and managing risks is paramount to ensure the effective operation and longevity of the trust. Risks can arise in various areas - from operational and financial matters to compliance and reputational issues. Therefore, having a robust and proactive risk assessment process is critical in safeguarding the trust and ensuring it continues to thrive and achieve its strategic objectives.

MATvista: Your Comprehensive Risk Assessment Tool

MATvista brings an innovative solution to risk assessment within your trust. It enables MAT leaders to assess, manage, and even eliminate potential risks effectively, ensuring the trust's operation runs smoothly and its objectives are met without significant hurdles.

MATvista is designed around the principles of the Abacus model, which makes it uniquely suitable for risk assessment in a MAT context. With its user-friendly interface and visual approach, MATvista allows you to identify potential risks, evaluate their impact and likelihood, and devise strategies to mitigate or eliminate these risks.

Understanding how to assess and manage risks effectively within your MAT is a critical task. One of the best ways to explore how our solution can assist you is by booking a demo. We can set up a personalised session via Zoom, Teams, or GoogleMeet, allowing us to discuss your specific risk management needs and objectives.

During the demonstration, we'll share our screen to give you an inside look at how our tool simplifies the complex task of risk assessment and mitigation. We're here to answer all your questions and show you how our solution is designed to help navigate the unique challenges of risk management within an educational setting. Discover how our tool can transform your trust's risk assessment process and ensure its growth and longevity.


Key Features of MATvista for Risk Management

Risk Identification and Analysis


MATvista simplifies the process of identifying and analysing potential risks across the trust. From operational and financial risks to governance and strategic risks, MATvista helps you assess all potential hindrances to the successful operation of the trust.

Visual Risk Representation


Using the intuitive Abacus Model, MATvista visually represents each risk as a bead on an abacus. By sliding the beads, MAT leaders can depict the current status of each risk, making it easier to understand and communicate the risk landscape.

Risk Mitigation Strategies


Once risks are identified and assessed, MATvista assists you in developing comprehensive action plans to mitigate these risks. The clear visualisation of these plans makes it easier to track progress and adjust strategies as necessary.

Consistent Risk Monitoring


With MATvista, you can continuously monitor identified risks and the success of your mitigation strategies. This helps you stay informed about the risk status and make timely adjustments to your strategies.

Customisable Risk Management


MATvista allows you to customise the risk management process to fit the specific needs of your trust. You can adjust the risk categories and the evaluation parameters to match your unique context and requirements.

Collaboration and Teamwork


MATvista serves as a collaborative platform for your team to work together on risk management. You can share evaluations, collaborate on risk mitigation strategies, and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Benchmarking and Trust-wide Insights


With MATvista, you can carry out benchmarking across the trust and gain valuable insights into the comparative risk status of different academies. This helps identify areas that need extra attention and provides a trust-wide view of operational effectiveness.

Progress Tracking


MATvista's visual model allows you to track improvements over time. By sliding the beads on the abacus, you can visually demonstrate your trust's progress, encouraging a continuous cycle of evaluation and improvement planning.

Training and Support


Through our expert-led webinars, we ensure that you have all the knowledge and skills to use MATvista effectively. And if you need further assistance, our dedicated support team is always ready to help.

Free Trial and Flexible Pricing


You can start with a free trial to see how MATvista fits into your trust and explore all its features. Once you decide to move forward, we offer flexible pricing options to suit different needs and budgets.


"MAT Risk Registers. The simple and straightforward approach."

A webinar to help MAT leaders deploy a simple and sustainable approach to managing risk, including risk assessment, analysis and mitigation strategies.

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About this event

Free places are limited to one per trust and are normally charged at £295 per participant.



  • See how you can simplify risk assessment using the DfE Handbook and Assurance Framework.

  • Discover how the ABACUS model streamlines both risk assessment and mitigation planning.

  • Take away the tools you need to create your own trust risk register and action plan.

  • Gain access to a dedicated advisor for support and guidance.

What’s Included:
  • An engaging 45 minute webinar and Q/A session.

  • Access to the online Risk Register and Mitigation Planning  Tool.

  • Follow-up support by telephone, email and live-chat.

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